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Tamil Calendar 2023 | Tamil Festivals & Holidays | தமிழ் Tamil New Year 2023: Significance, Important Dates, Rituals oga

Puthandu is going to be celebrated on April 14, 2023. Why Puthandu is celebrated? Puthandu marks the beginning of Tamil New Year and this festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervor. This year, as per the lunisolar calendar, it falls on April 14, and is a public holiday in Tamil Nadu. Notably, along with Tamilians across the world, many other Indian communities also celebrate their traditional new year around the same time — Bihu for the Assamese, Baishakhi in Punjab, and Pohela Boishakh in West Bengal. Tamil new year 2023 marks the beginning of Chithirai month, the beginning month of the Tamil solar calendar and Puthandu marks the onset of the new calendric year. On the Gregorian calendar, Tamil new year falls most likely on the 14th of April. This day is celebrated with immense enthusiasm and fervour in Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry and also in

Tamil New Year / Puthandu. Chithirai 01 is celebrated as Puthandu, the beginning of new year as per Tamil calendar. Chithirai month begins with the Mesha sankranti, the entry of Sun into Mesha rashi. 2023 Tamil New Year falls on Friday, April 14. The name of current Tamil year is Sobakrith. Tamil New Year: Celebrations: Feasting, fruit eating, visiting homes and temples, Kani tray: Date: First day of Chithirai in the Tamil calendar: 2023 date: Friday, 14 April (Tami Nadu, India) Friday, April 14 (Sri Lanka) Friday, April 14 (Malaysia) Friday, April 14 (Mauritius) Frequency: Annual: Related to In Tamilnadu, this is the day when Sankranthi takes place between the period of sunrise and sunset. In case Sankranthi occurs post-sunset, the new year commences on the next day. This year Puthandu will occur as per below date: Tamil Shaka Samvata: 1945 Puthandu or Tamil New Year: 14th of April, 2023, Friday.

Puthuvarudam falls on April 14th, which marks the beginning of the Tamil new year, known as "Puthandu'' in Tamil. Here are best Tamil New Year Messages, Quotes, Wishes and Images to share on

Tamil New Year (Puthandu) 2023 Date: Puthandu, also known as Puthuvarudam or simply, Tamil New Year, is the first day of year in the Tamil calendar and is traditionally celebrated as a festival by Tamilians living in Tamil Nadu and other parts of the world. This year, as per the lunisolar calendar, it falls on April 14, and is a public holiday Puthandu 2023: Here's all you need to know about the date, history, significance, rituals and celebration of Puthandu or Tamil New Year. Puthandu, also known as Puthuvarudam, marks the Tamil New By Apr 12, 2023 8:17:29 PM IST (Published) Puthandu, which is also celebrated as a harvest festival, falls on April 14 this year. It is observed by the people of Tamil Nadu and by the members of the Tamil community in Sri Lanka and other parts of the world. Puthandu, also known as Puthuvarudam, is the celebration of the Tamil new


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